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Bad at online gaming, someone who thinks they can play but has no game sense, can be used for anyone who is crap at something thinking there good.

used in the online game Counterstrike 1.6

usually accompanied by L2P learn to play
ur so b4d r0fl l0wb0b n00b

said as "Be Four Dee" not pronounced like l33t sp34k
by Blundell December 22, 2009
nappo, when your insulting someone constantly with the word n00b and you've gone through every variety of n00b noob nabbo naab naap finally arriving at nappo and if they then say "nappo wtf!?" You can then return to calling them NOOB
Clare:"How do I do google?"
Me:"omg noob"
Clare:"I can't find google search"
Me:"What a nappo"
by Blundell June 29, 2010
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