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The combining of two words:

lyric: "having a pleasing succession of sounds"

-osis: "a disorder or abnormal state"
to mean when a person is singing and doesn't know or forgets the words to a song so they proceed to make up sounds and grunts to cover the fact that they sound like an idiot.
My sister and I got drunk last night and were singing Billy Jean loudly when I realized the bitch was suffering from lyricosis, she had no idea what the words were.

I love laughing at that dude that always sings for Karaoke even though he has such a severe case of lyricosis.

I don't care if I don't know the words to the song, a little lyricosis usually hides the mistakes.
#lyric #karaoke #sing #retard #sounds #disorder #idiot #-osis #song
by blonde_rosie May 25, 2010
An embarrassing public display of affection by your mother in print. Over the top written exclamation of praise that only a mother would proclaim telling you how great of a kid you are. (even if you are over 18) This could occur as a classified ad in the paper with a childhood photo, a facebook compliment, a myspace post or any other public note.
I was horrified when I opened my facebook and saw that she had mombombed me overnight with personal facts and over the top attempts at compliments "You are an amazing daughter!". **DELETE** ASAP
#mom #bombed #bombs away #embarrassing #affection #facebook #myspace #public #delete
by blonde_rosie May 25, 2010
A liquid used to numb the throat to relax the gag reflex and allow for easier swallowing.
My boyfriend is such an ass. He said that I had to drink Sleepytime Throat Tamer before giving him a blow job so I could swallow without gagging.
#throat #tamer #swallow #gag #bitch
by blonde_rosie October 30, 2012
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