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The only place where white people can say the N-word ad nauseum without being immediately set upon by an angry mob and beaten to death.
*On XBox Live*

annoying xbox kid- You nigger!


*In Real Life*

annoying xbox kid- You nigger!

annoying xbox kid is immediatly set upon by an angry mob of young black men and beaten to death.
by billyoh March 19, 2009
Spergbeast- Noun A person, usually male, who claims to have Asperger's syndrome or related High Functioning Autistic disorder and uses this diagnosis as a get-out-of-responsibility-free card for all manner of obnoxious behavior. Such people rarely have an official diagnosis and usually reached this conclusion after reading the Wikipedia entry.
Christian Westin Chandler is a huge Spergbeast.
by billyoh January 17, 2010
1. As close to clean as things ever get on college campuses. So many people use the same space in college that, no sooner than something is cleaned, it gets dirty again.
I feel sorry for the cleaning lady. No matter how many times a day she washes the windows the student's grubby fingerprints ensure that the windows are never more than college clean.
by billyoh November 05, 2008
Noun. An unattractive hambeast that goes clubbing with attractive women. The ham grenade 's pin will be pulled the second her more attractive friends attract male attention. Terrified of being forced to go home alone, the ham grenade will ruthlessly mock you, refuse to laugh at your jokes and generally do everything in her power to sabotage any would-be suitors. This is where a good wingman comes in. The wingman's job is to "throw himself" on the ham grenade ie sleep with her.
Man, did you see those girls last night? Nines and Tens round that whole table, dude. Pity they had a major league ham grenade in tow.

Naw dude, I scored one of those chicks. Miles was an awesome wingman to throw himself on that ham grenade like that.

Here's to Miles, you'll be missed buddy.
by billyoh February 18, 2014

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