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A form of currency that men use to reimburse women for sex.
John gave Jane a diamond ring last night and now she is little more than a dirty prostitute.
by billbert March 31, 2005
Short for Bizarro-worldo.

The opposite of the real world. Good is evil, round is square, hello is goodbye. Introduced in the "Superman" comics and used to extreme hilarity on "Seinfeld."
Bizarro tires on the car are square.

Bizarro Saddam Hussein has George W. Bush locked up in prison.

Bizarro Hillary Clinton bakes cookies for her son's Cub Scout troop, doesn't worship Satan, and enjoys sexual intercourse with a man.
by billbert March 23, 2005
A wide ranging currency that men use to reimburse women for sexual favors. The highest denomination in the jewelry economic scale is diamonds, with gold being the most common unit.
I wanted to make sure that I could fuck the shit out of that skunt for the rest of the month, so I gave her a bunch of jewelry. Greedy bitch...
by billbert May 06, 2005
The best way to pronounce ESPN, especially when they are showing endless Yankees and Red Sox highlights or the World Series of Poker.
I can't wait for EnisPenis to stop showing the Yankers and Boo Sox so I can see the rest of the league highlights during the remaining 5 minutes.
by billbert March 29, 2005
A large ball of wonderful goodies that you drop in the porcelain pool the morning after Cinco de Mayo. Similar to Ireland's Eye.
Holy frijoles! Who the fuck is in that stall? He must have been drinking for 14 hours straight last night to drop a stinky pinata like that!!!!
by billbert May 06, 2005
1. Adding emphasis to the swear fuck by referencing a skunt.

2. Fucking the shit out of some random, low self-esteemed whore, whose name you may or may not remember, doing it raw, then leaving the mess for her to clean up like any good little woman should. Preferably a skunt fuck includes demeaning tricks like Angry Pirate, Dirty Sanchez, Blumpkin, and/or Spiderman, because the stupid skank, cunt, bitch deserves to be degraded.
You know that drunk chick that I was talking to last night? I took her back to her place, skunt fucked her, took the cash out of her wallet, shit in her shoes then killed her cat. I love skunts.
by billbert March 21, 2005
Foreign currency, usually printed in bright colors with funny pictures of people that no one has ever heard of. Called Monopoly Money or Funny Money because it looks and feels like some fake cash you get with a board game.

Monopoly Money is often spent recklessly because it looks fake, therefore you're not spending "real" money.
British Pound
New Zealand Dollars
Canadian Dollar
Japanese Yen
Australlian Dollar
Switzerland Francs
South Africa Rand
Mexico Pesos
Russia Rubles
Saudi Arabia Riyals
by billbert March 21, 2005
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