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2 definitions by bigj10

Liberals, the ACLU, Amnesty International and other wackjobs hate the death penalty because they believe a murderer has more rights than his/her victim. They would rather incarcerate him/her for a few years, give him/her access to pornography, cable TV, good meals and eventually release him becuase he/she has been "rehabilitated." Oh yeah, and our tax dollars pay for college degrees for these scumbags, and in some instances drugs, breast implants and impotence medication. Wow is this a great country or what?
How can someone protest a murderer being put to death?
by bigj10 June 27, 2005
A place where suspected terrorists are held. It in no way is anything close to a Gulag or Concentration Camp. Until recently, these so-called educated liberal anti-american scumbags couldn't tell you what a gulag was. In the Russian Gulags, prisoners were locked up and forced to do hard labor for 16+ hours per day, starved (many to death), cramped in shacks and forced to take a shit in a bucket. In Nazi concentration camps, jews, gypsies, homosexuals and other innocent people were forced to do hard labor, starved, gassed, shot and burned to death. Prisoners in Gitmo are given the Koran (in its traditional manner as outlined by a military guideline, you anti-american liberal scumbags!), good food, signs everwhere that point to the direction east (muslims pray to the east). Gitmo is a gulag? what has this country come to?
Gitmo is Cuba's hottest vacation spot as voted by "Terrorist People"
by bigj10 June 27, 2005