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A neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas where many rich people live. Mostly elderly adults who drive Lincolns, soccer moms who drive suburbans, or 12-15 year olds walking around wearing Nike shirts and athletic shorts.

If you want to have a good time, go to the heights. If you want old people to yell at you, go to the heights. If you want to avoid going to a party, say " I was in the heights." If you want to find a cheap place to eat, don't go here.

Basically, its a cool place to hang out, but once you are 15 and can drive you WILL abandon this neighborhood.
Kid: Man, I was in the heights yesterday and this guy in a mercedes drove by and said hey.

Mom: I have to drop off my kid at soccer practice. Too bad the traffic in the heights is terrible

Old Man: Damn kids walk around in my yard all day! I knew I shouldve moved to cammack village!
by bigguyfromharlem June 12, 2011

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