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short for "texting while driving".
The Police reports stated that the deceased who caused athe fatal five car accident was at fault due to the driver was T.W.D.ing while driving.
by bigg3469 August 31, 2009
acronym for Voice Over Actors who are actors & actresses who faces were not seen by the public. VOAs work during the 1920's to today doing Radio Program, commercials as well as voices for animated programs & commercials.
Mel Blanc, Daws Butler, Paul Frees, June Foray, Frank Welker, Tom Kenny, Billy West, Lauren Tom, Dee Bradley Baker,Tara Strong & Tress McNeil are fine examples of the VOAs that are doing voice overs on tv animation programs.
by bigg3469 June 09, 2009
A term for a burger that in made with either Vegetable protein, soy/tofu or grains AKA Boca or Gardenburger
Pammy doen't like going the Burgerama because they do not serve Dirt Burgers.
by bigg3469 May 26, 2009
Vegans (mainly members of PeTA) who don't have a slight clue of what's going on or getting thier facts twisted,warped or distorted without hearing the truth.
Clint:I heard PeTa is claiming that people could get Swine Flu h1n1 by eating Pork!

Deadora: WHAT!?!? Those PeTA protesters are a bunch of Vegan Noobs!
by bigg3469 May 20, 2009
A rare type of concert tuba that was created by Richard Wagner for use for his legenary opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen"(The struggle of Nibelungen). The wagner tuba is a cross between a tuba & a horn
For this concert piece we need to get a Wagner tuba before next month's concert.
by bigg3469 April 08, 2009
(1) A die hard fan of a high school,college or university marching band.

(2) Any marching band that has a very unorthodox style that causes controversy for the school,college or university.
(1) The Band freaks @ Stanford cause a commotion at the Stanford-Oregon football game that the University banned the band freaks in preforming in the next halftime show.

(2) I love going to field shows to see which high school band has the best band freaks.
by bigg3469 April 03, 2009
The "evil twin" of the tooth fairy who leaves instead of cash for kids teeth these wee little meanies let painful cavities inside the kids teeth in thier wake.
If you don't brush your teeth, you may get a visit from the cavity fairy!
by bigg3469 April 02, 2009

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