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A zealot group of worshippers that forms a "Chirstian" church but does not follows the principles & teachings of the Christian church & uses the "church" as a "storefront" for cult like activity.
The Westboro Baptist Church is a cultristian church in which the Bapist & Calvinst churches broke ties with because of thier "Teachings".
by bigg3469 May 19, 2009
A person who is subject of a verbal lashing for no reason at all by a individual who is stressed out.
Man! I don't know why the boss is using me as a Stress pinata!!
by bigg3469 April 01, 2009
A term for Non alcohol beer
Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude!! Why are you drinking that sissy beer!
by bigg3469 March 29, 2009
A slang term for hemroids which is a medical condition that affects the buttock region.
Had to see my doctor today due to I'm suffering from a bad case of Assnce.
by bigg3469 March 27, 2009
A roach coach that had a obious odor coming out of it.
I caught a whiff of a stinky roach coach that was parked in a supermarket parking lot recently & nearly gagged!
by bigg3469 March 26, 2009
A term used to describes a high powered tv or radio station that could be reached to millions of viewers & listeners using high power broadcasting antennas that are up to 100,000 watts strong. Superstations usally have a range of 200-400 miles (for television station) & on over 900-1000 miles (for radio station including night broadcast) & this was before,cable,satellite tv & internet services made thier apperances!
KTLA,XEJ,KNXT(Now KCBS)CJON,KSTM,XEW,KNME are t.v. sperstations & KNX,KCBS-AM,WHO,KSL-AM,KOY-AM,WSM-AM,XPRS,XEROK & WBAF are radio superstations.
by bigg3469 March 26, 2009
Someone who is contracted by a supermarket to hunt down stray carts that are taken out of the property of the supermarket & into the neighborhood & round up the carts & return the carts back to the supermarkets.
The cartherder's here with another load of carts!
by bigg3469 March 26, 2009

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