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2 definitions by beersnob

1. Proving your patriotism by hating the people or things you are instructed to hate by demagogues, arbiters of social or moral issues, or politicians inside of or outside of the current government administration.

2. Nationalistic Demagoguery.
Looks like Chavez has come out as totally socialist, and we've been told socialist are all Godless and hellbent on world domination. I better hate Venezuela lest I be branded unpatriotic.

Hatriotism in America today is spurred on by radio pundits.

While seemingly incompatible with Christian values, hatred and xenophobia have successfully been employed for political gains among Christian voters in the U.S. Thus, hatriotism has been a powerful tool of the republican party.
by beersnob December 04, 2006
Correction: (var: religiofication) Noun. The act or process of religifying or being religified. First usage by Eric Hoffer in "The True Believer: thoughts on the nature of mass movements" pub. 1951
"Renan felt that socialism was the coming religion of the Occident, and being a secular religion it would lead to the religiofication of politics and economics." --Eric Hoffer

"The Religification of John Kerry: How the candidate found his soul" --Steven Waldman.

by beersnob May 18, 2008