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1 definition by beautifulblueeyes

A prestigious all-girls school Episcopalian School in D.C.
It has a respected athletics and academic program. However, the aggressive academic program is known for pushing many of the students into eating disorders. For this reason there are no scales in the athletic facilities and ample choicesare provided everyday for lunch (as if that every stopped anyone). They have very well ranked sports teams (especially their track and field and lacrosse team) and although they are famous for their academics, it's not a very good Ivy League feeder school-- maybe because the students are to busy puking up their lunch.
Besides all of the above, it's also known as the school that the movie "Mean Girls" was based on. The school is full of cliques and vicious backstabbing. Good fun!
National Cathedral School girl: "Gosh! We have a lacrosse game today! I guess I won't do my homework!"
"Why go to lacrosse? You can burn way more calories by puking!"
by beautifulblueeyes March 27, 2008
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