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Watertown is a small city that used to be very rich. It has a little bit of everything now. Ratchets, hoodlems, amish, country boys/girls, hippies the whole nine yards. Everyone knows everything about you so you shouldn't try and hide anything. For fun? Go to Academy park and watch a nice fight or party at someones apartment. Many dork ass niggas/nasty hoes live here including Roberts girls and the "skeem queens" who are known for robbing everything from money from there grandparents to 30 racks at walmart, they're just winners. Very few good girls live here, and they're all taken so just give up now. OH! We're also known for babies having babies. Come on downnnn to Watertown !
"You have two babies with two different men and you're only 13?" "Yeah i'm from Watertown Ny."
by bbeautyyy January 07, 2013

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