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1 definition by barry the brummie

Someone who is a fuckin nutcase in the way they do so many drugs. Like a permanent mash-head or a party nut, high on pills 24/7. but for nethin, like coke, heroin, meth, speed, shrooms, lsd, ketamine alcohol etc, whatever.

( e.g. david bizzle)
"bizzle m8 fuckin hell ur insane, ur gonna get dun doin that shit near skl, get mashed elsewhere innit man, freakin nutcase."
"what was that moods, correction fool."
"fookin waaaaa, chemical nutter Dave bizzle, fuckin pothead 24/7, fuckin ledge m8."
"hahaha moody - living legend brapppp."
by barry the brummie May 29, 2007
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