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Town of 11,000 people in the wine country. Originally of hick decent and now crowded with richass tourists who cross the street right in front of lifted trucks without even looking. The homosexual population is increasing and this clashes with the pot-smoking, cowboy hat-wearing, punkass kids that live there. The Mexican population is increasing as well, adding to the multicultural beanerisms of the town. The boys an Htown have very large penises but nowhere good to put them so they just fuck the fat chicks and make them prego or move to San Francisco just to come down on weekends with their boyfriends and stay in their townhouses that cost 2 million dollars.
Richard the fag: Wanna go to Healdsburg this weekend?
His BF: OH yeah lets go rope us some cowboy sausage!
by balla86 July 10, 2008

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