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the one thats funny, kind, sweet, and just a plain stunner.. she can always take a joke and always starts a trend. if you are friends with a gemma, its like being friends with royalty, she is amazing everyone wants to be friends with her, and they know everything about her.. apart from her most darkest secretes that she will only tell her most trusted friends, if anyone betrays a gemma you will regret it, as all her friends will stick up for her.. not like she needs it.. gemma knows how to stick up for herself. people will judge gemma to be a tart or a slut, but thats only because deep down inside.. they would kill to be her.. the guys she dates are only the best and very long term. gemma has a good carrier set ahead of her and is an extremely good runner with fantastic legs. we all love gemma !
guy #1: go look at that girls legs
guy #2: yeah there hot she must be a gemma !
by babybabzxox December 28, 2011

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