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6 definitions by baby gurl

crip killa
ck ricket killa
it's all about the bmg up in here nigga
blood bitch tell i die
"i'm a crip killa 4 life" said by blood
by baby gurl October 15, 2003
145 92
Some one who has good pussy
We call her the Queen of the Clit cause I will hit dat any day
by Baby Gurl November 30, 2003
17 12
A pet name for a boifriend/gurlfriend
Aww dat's my baby
by Baby Gurl December 15, 2003
26 27
It means a huge dank! elephant man and other rapers use it in there lyrics all the tyme.
"dang gurl i heard CC is strung"
"wut u mean gurl"
"gurl i mean he gotta elepant trunk"
"well break me off sumo that"
by BaBy Gurl April 18, 2005
22 31
A female who has sex with both dudes and female
"Hey She is a Dick dyke. hse had sex wiht David and Crystal."
by Baby Gurl November 30, 2004
22 38
Tel-Aviv CT(=city).One of the biggest cities in israel.The most known one after Jerusalem, and the best place to go clubbing :P.
u canfind me inthe club.. in TACT
by baby gurl March 20, 2005
22 61