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4 definitions by b.drewz

1. Combination of "ghetto" and "country."
2. Someone or something that has the characteristic of being in both low-urban and rural areas.
3. Foods that have also originated in those areas.
1. A rusted up farm truck with brand new spinners: that's ghettry.
2. A woman who constantly wears a Japanese-cut horsehair wig, a very short and dusty jean dress with brown boots: that's ghettry.
3. A sugar sandwich fried in melted sugar-butter: that's ghettry.
4. A mayonnaise sandwich (nothing but mayonnaise): that's ghettry.
5. The Shuga-Pressha Special; malted milk balls that have been battered with egg and cornmeal, deep-fried, coated in powdered sugar, deep-fried again, dipped in chocolate, deep-fried again, dipped in ranch dressing, deep-fried again, dipped in thick caramel, deep-fried again, and heavily sprinkled with seasoned salt and garlic powder: that's REALLY ghettry!
by b.drewz December 04, 2007
22 8
High blood pressure or, less commonly, hypertension, as referred to by many African-Americans.
Why you put all that salt in there? You know I got pressha!
by b.drewz December 04, 2007
10 0
The resulting combination of butter and granulated sugar, commonly called "sugar and butter." Both are usually added to a frying pan and melted down together into a sauce. It is usually good for frying french toast or pancakes.
You need to make some sugar-butter before you try to fry the toast.
by b.drewz December 04, 2007
8 0
Sugar diabetes, as referred to by many African-Americans.
Naw, I don't want nunna that, I got shuga.
by b.drewz December 04, 2007
16 14