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The best city in the world. Ever. Period. Way better than NYC becasue NYC thinks its so great, but Chicago is better. If you havent been there, go there NOW! And for all you people that kall it "shit-cago" you are probably gay people who live in NYC and visited Chicago for a day and just hate it because its better than NYC. In fact, Chicago is the best. Just becasue some of our teams arent good doesnt mean where a bad city. And just becasue youve been to Wikipedia and looked up Chicagos crime rate doesnt mean your going to get murdered! Ive lived in Chicago all my life, and no one has even said anything mean to me! The statistics say a high number but in reality, that doesnt mean that your going to get murdered! You can not call Chicago "shit-cago" unless youve lived there. Chicago is so great in so many ways. Great food. Great Museums. Great public transit. Not very dirty. CHICAGO IS THE BEST!
Chicago is the best place ever.
by awscherb November 16, 2006

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