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Modern day bohmeians. Living on the Fringe, but connected via obssession with Technolgy. Similar to former bohemians, beats and hippies - concerned with social issues, Indie culture and creativity, but connect more on-line then at coffee shops, etc.
Chicago's West Town is crawling with Mohemians - grungy style, I-pod in hand, Cellie in pocket, walking with notebook to coffee shop to cop free wi-fi to chat with friends and download some obscure English rock.
by avant/Chicago January 13, 2007
In today's hyper connected world, 6 degrees of seperation is somewhat outdated. If your online and using sites like Facebook, Bebo, Okurt or Myspace (or multiples of them) you're only 5 steps away from everyone in the world not 6.
After talking to Conner at the party for awhile, Hannah realized she recognized him from a comment he left on her friend's Facebook wall. 5 degrees of separation in the flesh.
by avant/chicago January 15, 2009
The time period between mid-2007 and late 2009 when Web2.0 tatics, platforms and ideals were waning, but Web 3.0 had not yet matured or went mainstream.
Both Pandora and Muxtape were shut down in Aug. '08 by the government. A sad casualty of Web 2.5.
by avant/chicago August 19, 2008
Beyond hip. The next phase in the History of Cool (time for John Leland to add a chapter to his book) Non-mainstream culture (and it's trends) will be heading to a more organic, fluid phase. Culture is taking a swing away from the the image conscious, cooler-than-thou attitude of the Hipster sect, moving into a cycle where simplicity, inner pursuits and brightness are the nexus.
Culture runs in cycles and the next phase will feature a meta-hip attitude.
by avant/chicago February 25, 2009
Art form or artist who combines various forms of creative aspects in their work. A writer who also adds photography to a story, a DJ who uses homemade video on stage, etc.
Musician Charlie Deets makes his own homemade videos for his songs, which often feature his photography as well. He displays the style of Fuzionism.
by avant/chicago February 01, 2008
A mix of red wine and Coke. South American term. Slowly becoming popular among mohemians in the U.S.
After drinking 7 Vultures, Felix was tore up.
by avant/chicago September 09, 2007
Chicago hip-hop. Music that has originated from the city.
In 2007 Chi-Hop was blowin' up. Kanye, Rhymefest and Lupe Fiasco were all large.
by avant/chicago August 01, 2009

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