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a form of slapping someone with the knuckles angled in the way that it breaks their teeth and/or jaw while slapping them at the same time.

After being unconcsious for hours, the prostitute asks her pimp in a dreary state of sub-consciousness, "Waa-waat-haappennened...baabyy immm bleeddinggg" sob "wasatt didd i doo...Wat time is it?" sob, sob-sob, sob, gurgle, spew, blarg, sob

Pimp:"Bitch don't eva disrespect me like dat again. I be da pimp ho. Steal my money again, I bitch slaped yo ass again!"

Another Prostitute in background: "honey he bitch-slapped yo ass"

Prostitute 3: "Damn bitch!! He bitch slapped yo ass...hard!"

Faint verbatory language: "yeah slap dat bitch up" "nigga" "watcha gonna do ho" "steal mah man" "wat now! what?"
by asdfa333 May 05, 2011
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