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1. Any topic, be it scientific or political, where Sarah Palin's bunn comes undone as she tries to form a coherent Tweet.
2. The aggregate of what comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth. 3. An entryway that Sarah Palin always leaves open.
Oh Lord, the internet isn't censored at all, which means CuntGate Sarah Palin is given free reign to bash people who use reason, science, and common sense with her Tweets.

A lot of detritus seems to flood out of Cuntgate every time Sarah Palin opens her hole.
by artful_mark December 10, 2009
The embarrassingly hormonal situation of being pregnant while being Vice President. A condition guaranteed to land a book deal.
Overheard at the watercooler: "Sarah Palin, at 45, may have had her last opportunity for a Vice-Pregnidency. She's so inspirational! With the Lord's help, and another Republican National Convention, I think she can do it!
by artful_mark November 29, 2009
When you seek, by some holier-than-thou calling, to not only eradicate the demons from those you do not love to begin with, but you also want to kill them, for political gain. This is a common malady in the Republican Party of the United States, and their televangelical superstars, the Tea Party.
I love you so much, I want to exorsquish you. I cast you out unclean spirit, & I bomb the hell out of you, in primetime! Amen.
by artful_mark October 14, 2010
A common variety of uppity evangelicals who litter our globe with trash, trample the beliefs of others, feeling sorry for children with different colored skin, all the while drinking bottled water, hyperventilating over the latest features of their electronic devices, and generally acting like God's Gift to Consumerism.
Dear Lord, cried the poor foreign woman, the emissionaries are coming to vacation in our town again, please give us strength...
Emissionaries carry a Bible in one hand, to slap you with, and a iPhone in the other to document the Glory....
by artful_mark July 31, 2009

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