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2 definitions by arianna lee

odd name usually given to girls.Notice it is spelt AriaNNa with two 'N's NOT one.Usually pronounced ari-ANNA.An Arianna is usuallly a cool person.She may seem quiet but around friends,and especiallly when she is hyper,she is the life of the party.
TJ:Hey, Arianna!
Arianna: oo.. hey..
TJ: wanna come to my party tonight?
Arianna: umm sure
-later that night-
Arianna: woohoo!!! and then he... *goes into long story with a bunch of jokes*
by arianna lee April 07, 2007
634 243
obviously a usual name for a girl.Laurens may be known for having the best fashion and clothes but they also find the best friends.The majority of Laurens are very smart and relaxed.They can sometimes be known for random acts done by them, but they are more than what they do.Very good friends, very entertaining.Usually very hot and/or sexy.
Tom: hey
Greg: hey
Tom: yo, did you see lauren today?
Greg: No, man, why?
Tom: she was looking sooo hot.
by arianna lee April 07, 2007
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