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4 definitions by aprimetime

The female version of womanizer. She hunts men. Kind of like a cougar except not age restrictive. Non offensive term for sexually active females.
she is such a manizer
by aprimetime April 08, 2012
1. Really drunk by the standards of anywhere else in the known universe but since you are in Vegas you say you are just buzzed

2. When you are so drunk that you don't know where you are but you assume it must be Vegas because you are just that messed up
Guy 1: He is really drunk

Guy 2: No he is just Vegas Buzzed
by aprimetime April 08, 2012
1.The act of smoking weed near The Wall in order to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

2.The act of packing a bowl near The Wall.

3. The act of drinking near The Wall.
(See The Wall)

Once again name inspired by Pink Floyd album (and movie)
Guy1: We need to be putting another brick in The Wall. You down?

Guy2: When do I ever say no to that.
by aprimetime May 18, 2011
Any chill smoke or drink spot partly surrounded by The Wall, inspired and named after the amazing Pink Floyd album The Wall (and trippy movie version) The Wall is where one must go to find himself/herself and deal with the stresses of the day...
Guy 1 "Hey man lets go to the Wall"

Guy 2 "Sounds chill to me"

See: putting another brick in the wall
by aprimetime May 18, 2011