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A high school located on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. Largely populated with ignorant hillbillies, wanna-be gangsters, stupid nigger babies, pigsluts, and the dreaded "band people" (also known as carnies.) Only a small population of the school is actually normal high school students.
Days consist of going to classes that, generally, are too full and very loud due to the niggers. Commuting between classes is like navigating an obstacle course, full of black people running everywhere, retards bouncing off the walls, and ignorant administrators blocking your path.
Fights are normal, and expected between nigger babies and hillbillies. Usually, a couple level 3 lock downs occur each year.
Most of the teachers are fairly decent, with a few exceptions. Any teacher that actually is good at what they do will soon have their soul broken, however, because of the environment. Any teacher worth their credit closes themselves to teaching advanced/AP classes and higher level senior classes.
For all intents and purposes, this school is the 9th circle of hell to any normal person looking in from the outside.
I survived Marion Franklin High School, only by creating a mental barrier between me and the 99% of the student body. When I graduate I will leave and never come back :)
by antus002 April 26, 2009

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