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Once you take away the scientific mumbo jumbo, it is basically the concept that we are all here on Earth as a result of one massive screwup and that we have been evolving in perfect harmony ever since as a result of that massive 'screwup'.

An integral part of atheism and the wet dream of people like Richard Dawkins
Intellectual: So how are we here on Earth?

Atheist: You see, there was the big Bang that caused evolution...

Intellectual: so what caused the big bang?

Atheist: You see, it was a highly improbable accident...

Intellectual: Okay, that's interesting. Boy, do you know how I got to this coffee shop?

Atheist: No, how?

Intellectual: Well, I was just walking and then some some particles of nickel and iron from the atmosphere, coupled with the carbonic formation of propane and other (scientific jargon goes on and on and on) somehow arranged themselves into a Mercedes which then automatically drove me here.

Atheist: That's fucking ridiculous. You think I'm stupid?

Intellectual: Hey, it could be a highly improbable accident you know
by anintellectual June 20, 2010

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