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The overlapping gut on a morbidly obese person. To be a true apron it must cover no less than 40% of the genitals. The lower the apron, the greater the obesity. Apronage
Did you see the apron on that enormo? It was a real knee-banger!
by angeloslectricbeach June 09, 2010
Food that's sole purpose is to make one ridiculously obese. High in carbs, sugar and fat. Excessive consumption of apronage results in an unsightly, low hanging gut. see apron
Pronounced ape-rin-idge.
We got some chili fries, cookie shakes, cheese stuffed pickles, and gravy muffins. Real apronage!
by angeloslectricbeach June 09, 2010
A morbidly obese female, typical to the southern region of the United States, but indigenous anywhere processed food is in abundance. Ma'am-maws (pronounced mam-maw) tend to have many family members (future Ma'am-maws) as well as numerous animals all under one roof. Upon reaching a level of obesity where sex and age seem less pronounced, they will insist upon everyone calling them Ma'am-maw. They will almost always have a southern accent, despite the fact that they can be found all over the world. Ma'am-maws are quite partial to power chairs, sponge baths, children's beauty pageants, cats, daytime television, and of course almond roca.
I wanted some meatballs at the buffet, but some Ma'am-maw cleaned them all out!
by angeloslectricbeach June 09, 2010

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