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An individual who is not only an FOB, but also retarded.
Holy shhhiiit. That new programmer in the ART department is a total FOBTARD.
by ameshkin September 08, 2009
1. A place filled with milfs.

2. A woman, usually a milf, who is of high quality, hot, smart and a milf.
Dude, that club we went to last night was definitely milftastic.

Have you seen Sara P? She's is friggin MILFTASTIC.
by ameshkin September 15, 2009
Another word for zionist scum who want to replace Arabs with Jews, because "god" told them to in the Torah.
That youtube user suspendedforjack is the most pathetic sand warrior ever. Too bad he's too much of a wimp to actually join the IDF.
by ameshkin October 05, 2009
A legendary group of extremely retarded right wing fanatics who spend their entire day harassing and spewing hatred on the internet.
Dude...how many times will Avi from team inbred get owned before youtube suspends his acount again?
by ameshkin November 10, 2009
A retarded person, or sand warrior, usually of Jewish descent who spends all 24 hours of a day harassing people on youtube.
Oh my god, that dude Speedy2444 from youtube is such an AVI!
by ameshkin November 09, 2009

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