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2 definitions by amanda huginlick

when 2 men get on their hands and knees with their asses facing each other with each of them having a gerbil already loaded into their assholes and then place a single clear tube into both participants assholes long enough to fit snugly into both of their asses with enough room in between the two of them to watch the drama unfold. When ready, both contestants try to force each others gerbil into the others asshole, to make it seem as if holding court in the days of king arthur only there are no humans with their lives at stake, instead you are witness to the grand spectacle of gerbil jousting...dressing up the gerbils in time appropriate garb is optional but it does lend a certain air of authenticity to the event. If neither person can force the other gerbil to the other side then you will be witness to the brutal act of hand-to-hand gerbil combat which does happen from time to time. LET THE GAMES BEGIN !!!
MATT: my ass is really sore. MEL: well, maybe you shouldn't have been the official site for this years gerbil jousting contest you big, sloppy fag.
by amanda huginlick March 11, 2010
22 4
Another Infected Dick Sucker
If you are a man who enjoys sucking your own shit off another mans dick (not to mention sucking the shit of countless other dumpster thumpers off that very same dick) while at the same time being force fed all the sperm that your face cunt can choke down you stand a good chance of contracting a disease commonly known as A.I.D.S. , which by all the laws of nature would make you Another Infected Dick Sucker. NOW GO GET A FUCKING BREATH MINT FAG !!!
by amanda huginlick March 10, 2010
11 7