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a no tallent wannabe who thinks that what they do is extream or hard. the kids at the skate parks who do the same line every time, and cry when someone gets in their way. they think that they are cool cuz they can grind a rail for 5 seconds.

Q:what do skateboarders do when they aren't going to land a trick?
A:kick their gay boards away and land on their feet.

same question for skaters
A:take the fall get the fuck and and try again
wood pusher:omg these kids are getting in my way of doing the same trick that i just did. here comes that damn skater(quick call him a fruit booter)

skater:stfu you think what u do is hard, try grinding a rail for more than two seconds. better yet try jumping over a sidewalk with a 5ft piece of grass behind it onto a rail that is about chest high and grind the whole thing.
by alpha1 skater October 15, 2006

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