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2 definitions by alicia welden

a person who whores themself and others just for the sake of adding friends in an attempt to look cool and say they have alot of friends.

they often do this by posting bulletins that say things such as "add this person they are good in bed"
i have 238476293460256 friends bc i am a myspace whore, but even tho i have all those friends on myspace i have no real friends.
by alicia welden January 07, 2006
373 96
rofl ="roll on the floor laughing"

dactyl= like a dinosaur.

funny person.

just like nubasaurus, taking a instant messenger phrase and adding dinosaur qualities.
Alicia: youre a nubasaurus.
Brian: youre a rofldactyl.
by Alicia Welden August 20, 2006
24 8