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cross dressing emo faggot best known for his attention whoring on Youtube

is a scam artist, A CRIMINAL. makes money off of his videos that only get views because:
1. he

2. people are laughing AT him
also preaches about how stroking his 1 inch willy with a pair of tweezers over cartoon ponies teaches him morals and how he is better than everyone else because he would rather commit in bestiality than get a haircut
dresses like a girl for attention
cuts himself for attention
he walks into class dressed like a fucking clown
with his girl hair and tucked in shirt and collar
trying to get bullied so a fat bitch will feel sorry for him and let him touch her tits so he can get his little buddy to stiffen up for once so he doesnt have to get his mum to touch it for him lul
also fakes his own death every other week, doesnt come to school so we think hes dead and feel sorry but no jack!
WE LAUGH! we only feel sorry when you waddle that fat ass back into school the next day alive
whats a good word to describe a cum guzzler? oh yes! baptismonfire is one so thats a good word ha
by alf69 September 29, 2012

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