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2 definitions by aled from the hills

Also known as Stinner. A graze or cut on the chin which stings and/or burns. Usually caused by a glancing blow or by rubbing against surfaces during a fall. Facial hair or stubble may cause more pain and discomfort.
"Dan just bailed off his skateboard and grazed his chin on the floor. Looks like a chin stinger to me."
by aled from the hills August 30, 2009
Once a gummy bear or similar candy has been bitten and dropped on the floor it is liable to pick up dust and other foreign objects on the sticky area where it has been bitten. Gummy shave is the process of eating as much of the remaining gummy candy without eating the affected area.
"Damn, I dropped my gummy bear and now it's covered in icky stuff. Guess I'll have to gummy shave."
by aled from the hills September 02, 2009