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An organization that likes to intimidate suburban kids, and shutdown perfectly illegal but nice websites. Said company also has flare for overdramatic slogans which are meant to frighten off pussy n00bs. Literally a mafia like organization that uses coercion tactics.
-1 "oh no the MPAA shut down another website" -2 "don't worry there are hundreds of ways for you to get illegal movies without the MPAA finding out for example one(in steps)- 1. buy a dvd burner 2. get the free DVD shrink software 3. get a one month blockbuster membership 4. Buy a pack of 100 DVD+r 5. Enjoy getting hundreds of movies for about 20$(averages out to 20 cents per movie"
by albanian beast February 17, 2005
Small country off the adriatic sea.
shqiperia eshete me vertet shteti me i bukur ne te ter boten edhe njerzit jane me te mencur.
by albanian beast February 17, 2005

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