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A phrase screamed out loud serving multiple purposes, coined by a Venezuelan Jew at the University of Chicago. Some functions include:

1- to break silence
2- to salute/greet friends
3- to scare a person
4- to cheer when drunk
5- to fill in blanks during conversations.
Scene: Enters apartment and a bunch of people are sitting in the living room
David: Wakata waaaaa

Scene: Nate is walking down the street, David comes from the back and gives him a "tatequieto"- side-slap on the neck, proceedingly yells out "Wakata waaa"

Conversational filler:

Nick: Was she hot?
David: Dudee, she was wakata waaaa!!!
Francis: David thinks everyone's hot.

Drunk scene:
Nick: Wakata Waaa
---across the room
David: Wakata waaa
by akinini August 17, 2010

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