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1)The dense, humid, potent smell of a woman's ass that permeates the air when fucking her doggy style.

2) A hot, lingering, steamy, potent fart.
1)I picked up a hottie from the club, took her back to my apartment and fucked her doggy style. I could barely finish due to the putrid odor of her anal steam. When I was done the whole room smelled like shit.

2)Awww man... I just walked through someones anal steam, I can almost taste it.
by afj November 08, 2006
1)Refers to a woman who has gotten out of Marine Corps Boot camp and entered the Fleet Marine Force.
2) Any woman in the Fleet Marine Force who tramps herself out to Male Marines on a regular basis with pride.
Hey did you see that new Private that just checked in?

Yeah man, she's got FLEET MEAT written all over her.
by afj November 08, 2006
The nasty sweat from your balls that has the odor of onions.
After I got done working out I threw my boxers in the wash, they smelled like onion sweat.
by AFJ October 30, 2006

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