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3 definitions by adam loveland

a kid who skateboards in diapers and always smells like fresh butt sex and likes to be let up in dat shooooooot. Enjoys the song Barbie girl too....cmon barbie lets go party.... Otherwise known as todd Brust.
hey diepey your gay get the hell outta my way you fag todd.
by adam loveland January 08, 2004
4 3
zed fusillo
i gee gimp mgscagg in yo eye foooooo
by adam loveland January 08, 2004
4 3
a worthless "pyle" named zach kidd who is extremley burnt out and likes to sit in jacuzzis with andy meyer and eat pizza other wise just burnt out. You big pyle of burning jaski.
jaski-" shoot man...... i dont know do you need any ....... ssstttuuffffff ?? ssshhhhhhooooootttttttttt i gotta go peace"
by adam loveland March 02, 2004
12 12