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Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, as said by the Genius (GZA); recognize Christ thru this book, what are you afraid of?
It proper name is the "Holy BIBLE"
by ac degrees November 22, 2004
Don't get it twisted; its a bear that goes both ways
Donnie: I heard she's bipolar.
Huggy Lowdown: what's that, a bear that goes both ways?
by ac degrees November 20, 2004
anything awaiting release; could be a terd, a rhyme in battle, something on your mate or the most popular use: a slug with a nigga's name on it
I got one in the chamber for da ass
by ac degrees November 12, 2004
The drug spot in your neighborhood where the junkies line up to get their fix, called so because these fuckin' junkies look and at like cattle
Them mutha fuckas making made papes at the ranch
by ac degrees November 22, 2004
Something definitely not up to par; lacking madly
Damn, your breath is on the half!!
by ac degrees March 02, 2006
A first degree murder charge (hence the name M-one, dummies!)
I caught a' M-1 in '84
by ac degrees June 23, 2005
A bag of heroin. Cost- $50.00
Damn nigga, you shot dat whole 50?
by ac degrees November 08, 2004

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