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373 definitions by ac

slang for your Heart
yo jimmy got his ticket broke by this bitch
by AC June 03, 2003
someone who pretends to be something they are not; IE, wanksta,Wigger, etc.....
You see that whiteboy kyle, everytime he go in a room everyone yell's actor and wanksta he think he black and Gangsta fucking pussy
by AC January 01, 2004
aother Word for the ghetto
The gutter
by AC July 15, 2003
Crew, Westcoast equivalent to "crew"
Fuck your Clique Homy
by AC September 20, 2003
A Gun magazine
Yo ima empty out this clip on james he tryin me dog
by AC June 03, 2003
Slang name for the Mac-10 Submachine gun
Yo I was packin' 2 tens when these niggas shot at me, so I busted back
by ac January 31, 2004
a fucking frankenstine of a tackle box used to hold some bitches face paint
"oh look at all this cute teeny bopper makeup ive got in my kaboodle
by AC December 13, 2004