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5 definitions by aajuk

A Stealth Parody is parody that comes across and purports itself to be the the real thing, often the proprietors of a self parody website or group will flat out deny that they are in fact a parody.

Stealth Parodies are often created by people with completely opposite views that the alleged parody contains, and the parody has been created to discredit the group that holds the opposing views. Organizations such as Conservapedia and the Flat Earth Society are often.
The world is flat? You don't really believe that you're just a troll stealth parody.
by aajuk March 25, 2010

A disorder that causes someone to come out with random, uncalled for or inappropriate out bursts of sarcasm.

Sarcoleptic's often get jobs in tabloid journalism often introducing sarcasm into blatantly obtuse or ignorant rantings.
Person A "Hi is this the Meeting"
Person B "No we're here for the circle jerk"
Person C "Sorry about him he has Sarcolepsy, of the ass"
by aajuk November 27, 2009
Short for laughed out loud, the apostrophe differentiates it from LOL (laugh out loud). Often LOLed is written to mean this but you can't laugh out louded.
Should I be ashamed that I L'OL at that?
by aajuk March 05, 2010
A miss spelling of the word heterophobia.
Clive spelled heterophobia as hetrophobia.
by aajuk April 14, 2009
Short for 'Here you are'.
He're sir.
by aajuk March 21, 2010