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Random eliteist d-bags who try and rule pokemon by making many good strategies and pokemon "illgeal" (meaning punishable by mass flaming). They are actually in fact ruining it.
I choose you, Salamance.

Enemy: Quits.

My email: filled with random flames

Smogon strikes again
by a somewhat smart person July 28, 2010
A form of involuntary servitude to one's cell phone. Eventually, this slavery becomes a connection that a person deems neccesary for survival. However, for this person's friends, it is usally an annoyance. If this person and his/her peers are, for instance, playing sports, and his friend throw him the ball, that friend will be displeased to find that the person has given up on the game and has decided to text his girlfriend who has spent the past several hours with.
Johnny: Man, I can't believe it, I'm finally beating you in Halo!

Rick: Yea, man.

Johnny: This is awesome! *looks at Rick* Wait, what are you doing

Rick: *is texting* Uhh... nothing man...

Johnny: COME ON MAN!! You spent the last SIX HOURS at your girlfriends house!!
by a somewhat smart person July 16, 2009
While hated by most, these people are typically non-social for reasons beyond their control, and manage to get that one glimpse at society by eliciting responses from forum-goers who, nine times out of ten, think they know everything and that anything that goes against the norm is bad. There are of course the assholes who do it just for fun, but a lot of these people are suffering: people with manic (or often just plain old) depression, people with real issues in real life, or people who's real life isn't as cupcakes and unicorns as people on the internet assume.

I say this because I know people in real life who many would consider trolls, and they "troll" on forums because they receive no attention from their family and very little from anyone else. They are saints for putting up with it in real life, but it'd be unhealthy to pent up all their frustration. So what do they do? They speak out on the internet, often in obnoxious and annoying matters. The very fact that people respond to what they say is important to them, just because they get satisfaction in knowing that some people somewhere acknowledge their existence, and perhaps more importantly their opinion. Believe me, most trolls you see aren't "a poor excuse of a human being". Their lives in real life is worse than many could imagine. Everyone needs to vent sometimes.

Forum-goers: U poor excuse for a human being you need to die

Troll (in real life): Man, I don't really like Naruto. But no one knows that. No one in my life give a flying fuck about anything I say or do.
by a somewhat smart person August 28, 2010
A Starcraft map that is the precursor to DOTA (defense of the ancients) maps.
Eight years ago, I played Aeon of Strife on Starcraft, now i play DotA on WC 3.
by a somewhat smart person October 24, 2009
A band that calls its unintelligible screeches music.
I listened to Slipknot, and I didn't know if it was the radio breaking or them actually performing
by a somewhat smart person September 24, 2009
A show on Fox that, while witty, is very insisting upon itself and often has VERY poor choice in the music is covers.
Glee Fan: OMG i love glee!!

John: Yea, but it sometime has music that SUCKS
by a somewhat smart person May 24, 2010
A company that bends the truth. Their customer service people both via phone and in their stores do not care, and half the time you will spend 3 hours on the phone/at the store to get a replacement phone when you have insurance on it.

Example: I purchased full insurance on my phone, and when it broke, they said that it was the battery and that was not covered.
Me: *after waiting in line at the Sprint Store for 2 hours despite the line consisting of 3 people and 4 employees being on duty*: Hey, my phone broke. Can you replace it? I have insurance.

Employee: Nope. Please Leave, I'm off duty in 15 min.
by a somewhat smart person September 20, 2009

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