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a small gang, posse, crew that formed in eastchester to fight against the whites but failed terribly. Their mostly a mixed color group that is unorganized in the streets and also their plans, but still will brawl. Its kinda impossible to fight against the eastchester kids because they bring 20 to 3 mostly trash talking causing a scene for the cops to come or adults to come out and call the cops and point their rich preppy fingers at the skullz like their the bad guy. If a skull member hit an eastchester kid most likely the kid will bitch out run away and cry, but later bring 30 of his fake mob/ or mafia friends to the persons house screaming, threatening, throwing rocks and banging on their door continuously like the ku klux klan. A skull would usually wear skull shirts sometimes, and can be spotted most of the times in one area practicing fighting each other. If you hear the skullz arguing among each other theres no need to get pop corn and drinks because its an every day thing. Even though the skullz get put down sometimes, they always find a way to get back up. Who knows, you might get tazzed. ZEBONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mem#1: Yo man i miss the crew, lets bring the skullz back.

mem#2: Im down with what ever man, but i hate those damn eatchester kids.

mem#1: Look theres the kid i got into an argument with a couple of days ago, hes coming over to start shit, ZEBONY!!!! BITCH!!!!!!
by a skull member October 04, 2010

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