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the weirdest kid in the history of the world...He was raised by wolves until the age of 10 when he broke free of their tyranny and started researching samurais and wicca. He enjoys asking chinese people about martial arts and saying random ass gross comments that nobody wanted to hear. He skulks a lot and enjoys getting others into trouble. He also likes to scare people in honors english by talking about weird stuff and being generally annoying. He's a strange bird but thats why we (sorta) love him.

fun fact: he was given his name by Komer, who eventually decided to change it to lil pip..but the name did not skip

he also goes by mr. smiley.
Gos: Hey guys
Me: wuts up
Gos: well my dad's frend just came over and they watched a porno together
Me: Gos, i hate to break it to you, but that is your father's gay lover
Gos: oh well, i'm still a witch and i will probably be way richer than you because i am so popular and am going to be rich and girls like rich guys
Me: whatever you say Gos
by a lil bit hyper at tri hi April 04, 2006

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