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A man's balls and a woman's brains.

And you know it's true.

2.Unwillingness to surrender


4.Men's stupidity to be brave

5.Women's ingenuity to be clever

"Your dignity is making everything worse. I told not to do it!"
by a femme September 09, 2007
A female version of Adolf Hitler.
Girl #1: Zomg, I had the most sweetest dream of me and George! I wish he would notice me! Dreaming about him is so yummy. Do you dream about anyone?

Girl #2: Sure, George. We have an this thing for each other.

Girl #1: (O.O) WHAT?!

Girl #2: Yes, we often talk about strangling and castrating each other. I loathe him so my dreams kinda go like this: *BOOM* *FIRE* *EXPLOSIONS* *CRASH* (insert maniacal laughter) from Adolf Hitler. Or Britney Spears, whichever one works.

Girl #1: *runs away crying*
by a femme September 09, 2007
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