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Behavior relating to those of African American Descent.

1. Eating Fried Chicken or Watermelon
2. Drinking Purple Drink
3. Collecting Welfare
4. Not being able to pay rent

Niggarious behavior is not tolerated in the south.
by Zorba_AB March 10, 2009
pertaining to a niggarious situation

1. Tyrone: I just had some popeyes and some watermelon and washed it all down with some purple drank

Clayton Bigsby: Ohh the niggarity

2. Jamal: I couldn't pay my rent last week, and i dropped out of school, but I'm gonna make the NBA so it's all good son.

White man: The niggarity of your situation is unbelievable
by Zorba_AB March 15, 2009
Eastern European Slang for someone who is dating a whore
Bob: I think my bitch is cheating on me

Rob: Your bitch sucked 3 dicks at the club last night, your such a fucking interlandi
by Zorba_AB June 09, 2009
When a group of girls known for their love of cock go on vacation together (usually spring break) and just hunt for dicks to ride and suck. These girls are usually in college and are fraternity/athlete groupies and have disappointed their parents by sucking gargantuan amounts of cock.
My ex-girlfriend Anna went on a slutcation with her friends to cancun and they all got herpes.
by zorba_AB January 30, 2012
A Greek word for someone who seeks out cock. Literally translates to "Dick Fisherman/hunter"
Tyrone: This bitch Kat sucked mad dicks last night at the club

George: Damn shes a big Poutsaras
by Zorba_AB July 03, 2009

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