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a type of fart torture
its when you stand in front of a door in a room and lock all the windows n fart and spin
like the move wonder woman does.
billy: locks the windows
billy: *evil smile* *stands near the door*
billy: *farts and starts to spin*
chad: ahhh Dx!
billy: *pulled a the wonder woman*

#fart #wonder woman #poo #flatulent #feces
by ZehNiNjA April 06, 2009
another word for weewee or weiner meaning penis
i saw this guys weewer the other day man was that gross
#weewer #weewee #weiner #penis #peepee
by ZehNiNjA August 27, 2007
When you fart and you walk away from it for a while but evertime you pass that section the fart is still lingering in the same exact spot.
kuro:ew D:
Joe: *walks away from fart* 8]
kuro: walks away
Joe: *goes to the bathroom*
*2 mins later*
kuro: *passes spot joe was staning in* holy sit dude yer fart is still standing here!
#fart #turd #gas #flatulent #excrements
by ZehNinja March 18, 2009
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