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People who
1)dislikes the idea of individuality,
2)shout 'Goth' at anyone wearing black
3)dislike being different
4)always wear burberry
5) have silly 'fashions'
They smoke, drink cider and go to shitty little clubs with a 15 person capacity when theres 50 of them.
They like to 'hang' in groups to give a brain cell total of 1.
Monday morning: 'Oh, im still pissed from goin owt las nite, like'
Tuesday: 'Yeah, like, i wen ta
Blues agen las' nite'
Wednesday: 'I've got a bangin edache from las' nite, like, eh'
Thursday: 'I'm fuckin knackerd ey, i shudnt ov bin owt las' nite agen'
Friday: ' i ad a wkd nite las' nite, wos in Blues AND Toppers! Then we wen ta't Waverly Like, Eh!? Wot ya deyaan t'mora like?'
by Zaphod Beedlebot April 21, 2004

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