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5 definitions by Zallomallo

The beings who genuinely think that if they ever let up on discipline the slightest, you'll become a hobo living out of a car you stole.
My parents are shouting at me for smiling at them.
by Zallomallo June 12, 2010
An airsoft gun company; about the only one in America.
I just bought a KWA m4!
by Zallomallo June 06, 2010
Jeans that are oximoronically(new word?) pre-ripped. Basically poser teenagers buy these for extremely high prices so they can look cool, tough, and weathered.
Real Ripped Jeans:
Hey look, that guy has a pair of work pants with holes in them. He must be pretty hard working.

Wow, that guy is a fuckin' poser.
by Zallomallo April 18, 2011
The 'oh shit' button.
I just killed my girlfriend!! Imma call 911!
by Zallomallo June 12, 2010
On of the worse, yet more popular, songs from Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown.
I like the song 21 Guns
by Zallomallo June 06, 2010