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Jigaboo is a racial term directed toward African Americans.
The jigaboo burger is what a jigaboo orders when he/she goes to Burger King.

The burger is a normal Whopper sandwich with extra pickles and loads of mustard, usually accompanied by a fruit punch drink.
Randy:"Welcome to Burger King what can I get for you?"
Jigaboo: "Yeuh. Gimmee one o' dem Whopper meals, and throw on sum extra pickles and musturd. Gimme a large fruit punch too dawg."
Randy: "Drive through needs a jigaboo burger!!!"

#jigaboo #burger king #whopper #nigger #black #racial #slang
by Zach Kaczmarek December 21, 2006
To tear it up by offroading in desert regions.
To partake in acts of extremity by using off road vehicles in dunes.
Short for: "mobing desert."
"Dude we gonna mob dez this weekend?"
"Yea we just got done mobin' dez."
"Let's go mob dez dude."
#desert #offroad #atv #dirtbike #mob dez #srh
by Zach Kaczmarek December 21, 2006
Being extremeley blazed/high.

Of, or pertaining to, being very high from reefer.

The "Mo" means extremely/very.

Origin: Was created by several students who attended Puyallup High School ('05-'06), to make fun of another student. Needless to say, it has spread and become vastly popular.
"Dude I was mo-blazed last night."
"Man this pot is mo-dank."
"That movie was mo-gay."
"Dude you're trippin' mo-balls."

#mo-blazed #pot #weed #mo-dank #marijuana #high #blazed #stoned
by Zach Kaczmarek December 21, 2006
A form of greeting.

A call one would use to obtain the attention of another person.

Usually yelled out loud.
Steve: "Hey, there's Mike."
Zach: "Ho no!!!"
Mike replies: "Ho no!!!" and proceeds to meet Steve and Zach.
#ho no #hono #greeting #yo #sup #hey
by Zach Kaczmarek December 21, 2006
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