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To go beyond obsession, and break down every little detail within that obsession, in the end, leaving you drained, lifeless, like a zombie, but with full understanding of everything you have just experienced. Only relating to a relationship or marital situation.
You're in love, and this love goes beyond anything you've ever felt before. I mean, you would die, seriously, give up your life, just so they could keep living. Alright... now... inside your head it starts to spiral with one little thought... one thing brings it on... then BOOM! you're in the middle of a shit storm inside of your brain. questions flying around, answers you don't want to hear, the right answers, the wrong answers, the wrong questions, the right questions, the questions that only lead to more questions... all relating to how you feel about this other person and what they could do to you with all of that trust. This spiral usually ends with self mutilation or suicide attempts. Other less severe cases include getting into a physical fight, having a mental breakdown, maybe a broken fist from hitting a concrete wall... either way... it never ends good.
I got obssesed with her, and now I'm in a Mental Hospital.
by Zach Hanson June 21, 2008

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