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1 definition by Yuba City Guy

A city full of stupid people in denial that they live in a city with the word city in it.. "yuba city" wtf kinda name is that? they all have "yc" in their sn's, farm wither peaches or cherries and rape girls in the orchards. They try to fit in else where usually go to sacramento or davis schools and never fit in. Clickiest of the clicky people.. never get along with the laid back people of the bay.. YC people are in such denial that they live in a major hick town they try to boast their insecurities and claim "YC is the best" when they know for a fact its lame.. LAME.

Often Called "Yuba SHITTY"
"I farm peaches therefore Im from yuba city"

"Yuba City is the BEST! Cuz I've never been anywhere else"

"My parents want me to marry my cousin.. u know.. keep it all in the Yuba City"
by Yuba City Guy September 02, 2006