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City in upstate (downstate? Depends on your point-of-view) New York in the USA. WAY tougher than pussy ol' Poughkeepsie. Take a midnight stroll down Chambers Street and tell me I'm wrong. Has way better views of the Hudson River, too.

It is connected to Beacon by the Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. The main high school is NFA, or Newburgh Free Academy, or No Fun Allowed. That last one was not a joke. The school mascot is the Goldback (A type of eagle) and the main rival is Kingston.

Population of 28,259 as of the 2000 census.

-First American city to have electricity
-Home to Broadway, at one time the widest street in America
-One of the first cities in America to fluoridate its water supply
-One of the test markets for the first televisions; the positive feedback the TV's received helped start the worldwide phenomenon
-Once the location of George Washington's encampment.

Bordered by the much more wealthy Town of Newburgh to the north, and middle-class New Windsor to the south.

A.K.A.: The Sixth Borough, Da Burgh, Boringsville, Retardsville
Newburgh is actually a pretty interesting place, despite what most teenagers say about it.
by Your Average Newburghian August 21, 2008

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